We Want Your Vinyl!

Looking to sell your dance record vinyl collection?

Classic Trax wants your vinyl. We are always looking for quality well kept collections of:

– Drum & Bass
– Jungle / Ragga Jungle
– Early 90’s Classic Hardcore
– Happy Hardcore, particularly the mid 90’s era

Occasionally we also consider some other obscure dance genres (included within a bigger collection) such as:

– Oldskool Rave
– Acid House
– 80’s Electro
– Nu Beat
– Belgian Techno
– Detroit Techno

We mainly purchase from people that live in South London, plus the surrounding M25 region, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and Sussex. If you are looking for a cash sale and want to sell your dance record collection, then please get in touch with more details of what you have to sell. We primarily buy private record collections, and we also consider purchasing record collections obtained through inheritance.

Condition is an important factor, when we consider buying a collection.

We DO BUY records that are graded Mint (M), Mint Minus (M-), Near Mint (NM) and Very Good Plus (VG+).

We AVOID records that are graded Very Good (VG), Good Plus (G+), Good (G), Fair (F) and Poor (P).

The Drum and Bass / Jungle labels that we are particularly interested in include: Metalheadz, Moving Shadow, Droppin’ Science, Kemet, Renk, Reinforced Records, Good Looking, Congo Natty, Formation, Hospital, Rugged Vinyl, Soul:R, Dope Dragon, 31 Records, SOUR, Whitehouse, Ram Records and all the other big hitters from ’93 to present day.

The Hardcore labels of interest include Basement records, 3rd Party, F-Project, Ibiza, Impact, Labello Blanco, Suburban Base, Production House and many more obscure one off one hit wonders from the early 90’s.

The Happy Hardcore labels we are looking for include the likes of 21st Century, Bonkerz, Deathchant, Essential Platinum, Knite Force, Slammin Vinyl, Juicy Cuts, SMD, Next Generation, UK Dance and all those happy style beats ‘n grooves, especially the mid 90’s era.

If you’ve got some or all of the genres above and want a quick sale, Get in Touch!

I’ve got music like this. Why can’t I just sell them myself individually?

Well you can sell your dance record vinyl collection yourself. You ‘might’ get more money for them, but you’ve got to be prepared to do a great deal of work, if you want to dispose of your record collection one by one. Not to mention you’ll have some costs along the way too, often before you’ve even made a sale.

You can sit in front of your computer for hours, days and weeks working out what you ‘think’ they are worth. You can list them, photograph them, do all the communicating with potential buyers, send invoices for your sold items, check you got the money, pack the items (in packaging you have to buy in specifically), take them to the post office, and make sure they arrive in one piece before you ever benefit from the sales revenue.

Any selling platform will take their cut from every sale, and every payment you receive electronically will also encounter a receivers commission fee, so it becomes debatable whether it’s worth all the effort? It can literally take you years to sell off your collection one by one, so you’ll need a lot of patience!

What’s the best alternative to get my collection sold quickly?

The alternative is to sell your dance record vinyl collection straight to Classic Trax Limited for a one time cash price. No messing around, we’ll buy your whole collection (if they are what we want), giving you back useful space that the records have been taking up, and some hard cash, without all the hassle.

Take a look at the Artists We Want, the Labels We Want and other specific Records Wanted to purchase, and if your collection contains a good selection of these, then feel free to Contact Us. We are always looking for new stocks.

Looking to buy records?

If you are looking to buy records, you can view our current vinyl stocks in our Discogs Store.

We have thousands of D&B titles in stock, making us one of the BIGGEST UK STOCKISTS of the Drum and Bass genre on vinyl.

We stock all the major labels including Ram Records, True Playaz, Ganja Records, Liq-weed Ganja, Hospital Records, Metalheadz, Trouble on Vinyl, Renegade Hardware, Renegade Recordings, Virus Recordings, V Recordings, Audio Couture, Moving Shadow, Joker Records, Basement Records, Dope Dragon, Proper Talent, Reinforced Records, Liftin’ Spirit Records, Full Cycle Records, Eastside Records, Advance//d Recordings, 31 Records, Advisory Records, C.I.A, Cutterz Choice, Baron Inc, Phuturo Recordings, Invader Recordings, Spektrum Audio, Formation Records, Valve Recordings, Infrared, Gain, New Vision Recordings, Breakdown Records, Metro Recordings, Breakbeat Kaos, Chronic, Timeless Recordings, Dope Ammo Records, Defunked, Suburban Base Records, Grid Recordings, Frontline Records, Sudden Def Recordings, Technique Recordings, Back 2 Basics, Intercom Recordings, Precision Breakbeat Research, New Identity Recordings, Metalheadz Platinum, Propaganda Recordings, AudioPorn Records, Urban Shakedown, Core Productions, Liquid V, Dispatch Recordings, Hardleaders, Low Down Deep Recordings, Outbreak Records, React, Black Widow, Space Recordings, Bingo Beats, Shogun Audio, XL Recordings, Impact Recordings, Signature Records, Commercial Suicide, Function, Sophisticated Underground Sounds, Black Sun Empire, Horizons Music, Maximum Boost Recordings, Mix ‘n Blen, Audio Zoo Recordings, Cymbalism Limited, Viper Recordings, Bad Taste Recordings, Blu Mar Ten Music, Good Looking Records, Looking Good Records, Rugged Vinyl Records, Da Lick, Flex Records, DSCI4, Kemet, Congo Natty, Kikman Records and S.O.U.R.

You can also buy any item you see on our Discogs listing DIRECT from us. Just Email us, detailing what you want to purchase, tell us your address, and we will invoice you via Paypal.

Sell Your Dance Record Vinyl Collection