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If you want to contact us about selling your record collection, please thoroughly read the information below and on our front page, before you send us any message.

If you think we might be interested in your collection, then please provide some core information such as:

– Your location in the UK, and your contact phone number.

– What genre/s of music the collection consists of, and a count of how many units.

– Also give a rough idea of the price you are seeking to achieve. A REALISTIC PRICE. This will help us determine whether a deal is possible. No ball park price = no reply.

– If you have a spread sheet of the titles, send us that info. The more detail, the better. [Artist / Title / Label / Cat Nr / Genre / Condition]

– If you do not have a text list of your records, you can send some pictures of your collection via WhatsApp to 07453 341 562.
It will give us a general idea of what’s there. Make sure your pictures are clear, taken in natural day light, at a good pixel resolution. It’s best to lay them out flat, perhaps 4 by 4, so 16 records per picture, gives us a good idea of what you have.

– The more information you can provide us with about what you have to sell, upon initial contact the better.

If you are mailing us regarding purchasing any of our stock that you have seen on our Discogs Store, please tell us the Artist / Title / Label / Cat Nr. Also tell us your address so we can calculate the postage costs. We will then mail you the total cost and payment details. If you have the “Friends and Family” option available when you make your Paypal payment to us, please pretty please choose this option. It reduces our costs, and ensures we can continue to do what we do best – selling the records that you want to own!

    You can contact us by phone on:

    Dialing from Outside the UK: +44 (0) 7453 341562
    Local UK: 07453 341562

    Contact Us