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If you Contact Us about selling your record collection, please provide some core information such as:

– Your location in the UK, and your contact phone number.

– What genre/s of music the collection consists of, and a count of how many units.

– Also give a rough idea of the price you are seeking to achieve. This will help us determine whether a deal is possible. (Please don’t quote the “Discogs median value” which seems to have become prevalent recently, it has absolutely no bearing on the value of a collection being purchased in bulk by a dealer. If you do quote an unrealistic price, we simply will not reply to your enquiry.)

– If you have a spread sheet of the titles, send us that info. The more detail, the better. [Artist / Title / Label / Cat Nr / Genre / Condition]

– If you do not have a text list of your records, you can send some pictures of your collection to an email address which we will give you after your initial contact. It will give us a general idea of what’s there. Make sure your pictures are clear, taken in natural day light, at a good pixel resolution.

– The more information you can provide us with about what you have to sell, upon initial contact the better.

You can contact us by phone on:

Dialing from Outside the UK: +44 (0) 7453 341562
Local UK: 07453 341562

Contact Us