Selling Your Records on Consignment

If you have a collection of valuable “Vintage / Golden Era” Drum and Bass (circa 1993-1996), Rare Jungle (circa 1994-1996) or Classic Hardcore (circa 1992-1994) that you want us to sell on your behalf, then selling your records on consignment through Classic Trax Ltd could be for you.

Please note only rare titles and high quality vintage collections from the specific genres stated above are eligible for our reselling service. They must be in excellent condition too.

We will pay you 50% of the final selling price, after the customer has received their item, and they have confirmed they are happy with their purchase. From our commission, we absorb all other costs from online marketing, final value fees charged on 3rd party selling platforms, plus Paypal receivers fees for money landing in our account for each sale.

Our Service Commitments:

– We will visually grade each record, catalogue each record, store each record, list each item online and deal with each individual sale as they happen on a day to day basis from customers across the world.
– Each item will be advertised at a price that reflects the going market rate, rarity, condition and the number of other copies currently available for sale in the global marketplace.
– We will dispatch each sold item in a timely manner, using quality packaging, using recorded / special delivery inland services (depending on value) and international tracked / signed services for all items shipped outside of the UK.

Further Information to Consider:

Selling your records on consignment will net you significantly more than if you sell your collection as a whole to us, but please be aware this process of selling is time consuming, and is much more administratively complex, so you will need patience in order to realise the maximum possible return.

Fixed price sales cannot be predicted when they will occur, especially with high value items as they are considered luxury purchases. Supply and demand naturally determine speed of sales to some extent, as well as initially pitching the product at a realistic asking price.

We also offer an auction service for items which we deem exceptionally rare and collectable. With an auction the sale price is dependant on the determination of participating bidders to secure the item. It’s impossible to predict the final price, and is entirely at the sellers discretion if this method of sale is to be attempted.

(Our minimum consignment commitment period is 90 days)

If you are interested in our service, for selling your records on consignment, please feel free to Contact Us, and we can schedule some time to discuss your collection in more detail on the telephone.

Please send us as much detail as possible about your collection, for example the quantity of titles, genres, general condition and any specific rare titles that you think will be of interest to us and record collectors.

Why should you trust Classic Trax to sell your records on consignment?

Classic Trax Ltd has been trading online since 1998, and we’ve shipped more than 100,000 units worldwide. We’re credible, trustworthy and have tried and tested business practices which we apply to each and every order for consistently positive buyer experiences.

If you need any reassurance about our buyer experiences on third party selling platforms, and the standards of service we aim to achieve, you can view our glowing feedback on our Discogs and Ebay accounts.

Why should you sell your records on consignment for only 50% of the sale price?

Sounds questionable that you would allow half of the profit of any sale to be given to someone else, but let’s look closer at the details.

– All 3rd party selling platforms take a commission, so on average 10% of the price of sale is gone right away.

– Then receiving the money digitally via Paypal will see about another 5% gone.

– The combined costs of packaging, transportation, computing / printing facilities, broadband and physical storage easily consume another 10% contribution of any sale price.

Take these costs into account, and considering someone else is going to be doing all the hard work of selling your records for the best price, it starts to make more sense.

– We will deal with the customer enquiry emails at all times of the day, Pre-sale and Post-sale. We always respond quickly because we act as a business.

– We merchandise each item individually, giving an accurate grading for the media and the sleeve.

– We will dispatch all sold items quickly, because it’s what we do, running a professional mailer order music business.

All you need to do is entrust Classic Trax with your vintage rare collection and we will do the rest!

selling your records on consignment